The fourth ANKAMA Convention will be taking place in Paris on June 27th and 28th. Patrons of the event will be treated to many activities and events to keep them entertained. The event will feature games such as Dofus and Wakfu, which have become very popular online games. Visitors to the event will get to partake in events and meet the ANKAMA games developers. You can get your tickets for the convention here.


Wind of Competition blows in Paris for ANKAMA Convention #4

Roubaix, France –  June 24th  -  On June 27th and 28th more than 25,000 visitors are expected to discover (or rediscover!) the ANKAMA universe across 10, 000 m² at the fourth Ankama Convention. Taking Gobbowl, the well known sport from DOFUS, the tactical MMORPG,  and Wakfu, as its main theme, Ankama Convention #4 will offer its visitors plenty of fun activities that are sure to keep them entertained.

Through introductory sessions, tournaments and demonstrations, visitors will be immersed in the universes of DOFUS, Dofus-Arena and Wakfu while the spirit of Gobbowl will lead the bravest ones to a 200 m² pitch where players and crowd alike will participate in high-octane matches. Tons of events will entertain visitors, give them the chance to win gifts and meet ANKAMA’s authors and development team. So whether you’re an inhabitant of the ANKAMA universe or simply a fan of video games and comics, you’re sure to find something just for you!

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Online games DOFUS 2.0 and Dofus-Arena’s playable demo.

DOFUS: the famous tactical MMORPG with more than16 million players worldwide will have a bit of makeover with brand new graphics. They have been completely redrawn and improved in this new version! Ankama Convention #4 is the opportunity to discover this new version, DOFUS 2.0, a few months before its release, on one of the 250 computers available for visitors.

Dofus-Arena: New interfaces, new, more tactical spells and a new “2 vs 2” mode will train players for more strategic battles.


“Dofus-Arena League” tournaments

“Dofus-Arena League” new season tournaments are about to begin! 2 competitions will be organized: 32 players fighting in 1 vs 1 battles and 64 players in 2 vs 2 battles. Final combats will be displayed live on wide screens. Glory and honor awaits the bravest fighter on Ankama Convention #4’s stage.

Intros and tournament sessions for Wakfu TGC before its official release.

ANKAMA is developing a trading card game in partnership with Upper Deck based on the universe of DOFUS and Wakfu. The public will be able to immerse themselves in the Wakfu TGC game world by meeting its creators and by attending tournaments to win plenty of Wakfu TGC cards!

Mobile phone applications and games (DOFUSPocket, Dofus-Arena Pocket) testing zone.

Kalmeo, an ANKAMA subsidiary, will offer mobile phones services by allowing visitors to test the DOFUSPocket application (modes and services for DOFUS) and the game Dofus-Arena Pocket, the mobile version of Dofus-Arena.

Meetings between the public and the ANKAMA team.

Visitors will be able to attend conferences and meet ANKAMA’s games creators to ask them questions about the product.

Gobbowl’s animations

Everyone will get the chance to play Gobbowl: an original and playful sport.  The bravest ones will enter the pitch and fight the opposite team in an atmosphere of fair play.  Dodging and tricks will be the keys to victory – with the applause of the ecstatic crowd to encourage you!

Lots of animations and gifts to win

 There’ll e lots of presentations, a live dubbing of an episode of the Wakfu TV series, a ‘devquiz’, games and lots of contests, Gobbal Dance contest, cosplay, artwork and tournaments. Tons of gifts are looking for winners.

ANKAMA partners’ animations and signings.

The No Life TV channel, Gameblog website and Café Sale artists’ association will be happy to welcome visitors at their booths. There will be a faithful model of the NerdZ’s flat with the opportunity to chat with the team and to get your photograph taken on the actual couch from the TV series or to play for free on one of the four arcade games available. There will also be autograph sessions every day and the first broadcasts of the two final episodes of NerdZ season 3. The Flander’s Company and Noob TV series team will also attend autograph sessions! Finally, special quizzes made by Une case en moins (Sushi Quiz) and Gameblog (shot live) will relax and amuse visitors.


In order to allow everybody access to the convention, a new offer has been created. 2 days Premium Pass, Daily Pass and Family Packs (normal price + adult accompanying *) will be available on Ankama Shop (

Premium Pass visitors will have a special bag of goodies containing:

-          1 posterbook with Gobbowl’s Inferno illustrations.

-          1 Gobbowler Yugo figurine.

-          1 Wakfu TGC collector pack

-          1 autograph book

-          1 lottery card with a piece of the Real Gobbly set for the game DOFUS

-          1 lottery card with a piece of the Lamechester United set for the game DOFUS

The bags’ colors will be inspired by Freaks’ Squeele 2 and Gobbowl. The luckiest ones will find a golden Platypus that will allow them to test Islands of Wakfu before anyone else.

Visitors that bring their passes to Ankama Shop will also have a special gift on their DOFUS account and a mystery egg. The contents of this egg will be revealed after Ankama Convention #4!

Practical Information:

Where? At Paris’ Parc des Expositions – Porte de Versailles (Hall5), France

When? On June 27th and 28th 2009 from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM

How much? Daily Pass: 12 €; Premium Pass (two days): 29/35 € (advance order/order on site); additional guest Pass: 8 € (available only on site)

Where can I buy tickets? Through the company‘s websites  ( and,

* Guest passes: access to the convention without being able to participate to various activities or receiving the bag of goodies.

About the ANKAMA Group

Founded by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in Roubaix in 2001, ANKAMA is an independent group which produces digital creations and employs over 300 people. The international success of the group’s MMORPG DOFUS, with more than 16 million players, enabled ANKAMA to branch out into several related industries: online games, publishing, animations, web design, press, mobile phone services, video games for next gen’ consoles. ANKAMA is also currently developing Wakfu, a crossmedia project including animated series/video game/card games and comic books. Find out more on our official website:


ANKAMA Convention

A special event that cannot be ignored and which gathers ANKAMA universe creators, their fans and everyone who is fascinated by video games, animated TV series, video games and manga in a really festal atmosphere.  For more information:

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