System changes are the key topic of this month’s Age of Conan development update. One of the systems headed under the knife is the Stamina system, which has been a long time balance issue forAge of Conan. In the latest update, we get a little insight into what the devs have planned for future changes, which will include a new resource that will use some of the things that were formerly Stamina drains.

"In the new system, we will introduce a new personal resource that will be used just for sprinting. It is also not observable by other players. This resource represents your sprinting capacity and is measured in seconds. This new sprint resource will also be drained when using the double tapping avoidance techniques.

Regeneration is represented over N seconds. The same rate applies in and out of combat. For some players this will mean lower regeneration rates out of combat when compared to the current system when using stamina, but offers a system that is way more consistent, flexible and understandable for everyone. However, remember that this will be completely independent of stamina regeneration, so everyone will have a greater tactical choice with this ability as they will no longer need to choose between sprinting or combo execution. This will be a timed resource that players can manage to their maximum advantage, and will make timing of its use vital, in particular in PvP."

Plans for multi-specing are explored in more detail. This will give premium players access to two specing options with a third available via the in-game store.  Additionally, players can expect to see more class updates and faction vendor changes.

Lastly, Age of Conan will celebrate its fourth anniversary in May. As part of the festivities, players will be given a new cloak. Head over and check out the latest update for all the details and a peek at the cloak.

Source: Age of Conan Monthly Development Update – April 2012

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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