APB: Reloaded is somewhat of a disaster story that managed to become a success. The initial launch to the original APB was one that ended in an alarmingly short time with the eventual of Realtime Worlds. But the game was given a second chance through GamersFirst, and they’ve made the best of what was a really bad situation. After the relaunch of APB under the new name of APB: Reloaded, the shooter joined the Steam family back in December 2011, where it has managed to stay within the top five free-to-play games since while also delivering new content updates. Quite an improvement from where it would be had things gone another way.

GamersFirst recently detailed some the new content that is scheduled to release over the next few weeks and teased what to expect a little further down the road. In the short term, players can expect to see the new Settling the Score update, which will improve the District instancing mechanic, add a new scoring system, and new spawn point changes. A little further out, GamersFirst simply teased that a new APB experience may be revealed in the coming months. Whatever that is, it’s clear that the fight for San Paro is far from over.



Underestimated Publisher Reloaded Games® Surpasses Industry Giants in Popular Downloads on Leading Digital Game Distribution Service

IRVINE, Calif., January 29, 2013 – Reloaded Games®, a leading publisher and developer of free2play® massively multiplayer online games, announced that the Company’s pivotal open-world third person action game APB Reloaded™ continues to be a top-five free2play title on Steam®, a position held for more than a year. Launching to Valve’s leading platform for digital content distribution and management back in December of 2011, APB Reloaded has demolished a major milestone in player loyalty, typically reserved for the industry’s publishing elite.

As of the beginning of the first quarter of 2013, APB Reloaded resides as the fourth most-popular free2play game offered by Steam, besting gaming juggernauts and iconic brands like Lord of the Rings Online™, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe™. Thanks to a loyal player community and the hard work of Reloaded Productions, APB Reloaded has proven that addictive gameplay, and solid mechanics and infinite customization continues to resonate with new players and returning San Paro veterans alike.

“Being a visionary publisher usually means that everyone continually tells you that you won’t succeed, and the run-away global popularity of APB Reloaded is validation that we have found something very special in the free2play space,” said Reloaded Games’ Chief Marketing Officer Rahul Sandil. “Industry pundits decried our decision to secure the rights to All Points Bulletin and make the game free2play. Game critics and non-supporters doomed APB Reloaded to obscurity once we officially launched, yet here we are, a year later, with global sell-through of the retail version in Europe, licensed distribution in Brazil and Russia, and the game remains a top five most-popular downloaded game on Steam.”

In the coming weeks, APB Reloaded will introduce the Settling the Score update, with an improved District instancing mechanic, a new scoring system that balances arrests, kills and mission objectives, and new way for players to choose their own spawn point after death. Fans of the All Points Bulletin universe may want to remain alert; word on the street is that the rumor of an all-new APB experience may be revealed in coming months.

APB Reloaded features a rich experience similar to what players expect in premium packaged games.  Players enter the city of San Paro to unite and fight with anarchist Criminals or join the street justice Enforcers.  With two distinct open-world action districts, it’s all about epic PvP combat, joining turf wars against enemy factions or running missions to gain money and notoriety. Players looking for a quicker, more visceral experience can choose between two Fight Club districts, pitting up to 32 players against each other in closed-off areas of the city, fighting for loot and boosting in-game status in modes such as Team death match and King of the Hill. The Social district is all about self-expression where players can share all of their creations, from custom clothing creations and modified cars to their own mixed music.  The opportunity for self-expression is a big part of APB Reloaded, enabled by a toolset and customizable features that are second to none. To get up-to-date information on GamersFirst and APB Reloaded’s Community and Fan Pages, check out the following links:

Website– http://www.APB.com 

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/APBReloaded 

Development Blogs – http://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com;

Twitter – @APB_Reloaded @GamersFirst

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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