The ArchLord team is pleased to announce their fantastic Halloween event tomorrow evening.

ArchLord HQ is entering in to the spooky Halloween spirit and has created a special event called The Night of the Walking Dead.

On Halloween players will find an announcement on the event page. Something mysterious is happening and the wise- men of Chantra sense coming evil. A call will go out to all players to help fight the threat or Chantra will suffer hundreds of years under a plague.

Three magic brothers are going to terrorize the whole of Chantra. Look for the first sign, scattered pockets of the walking dead. Watch out as they unite to lead an army of the dead. Over the course of the event players will receive different clues about how to find the three brothers.

We call on all Chantrans to seek out the brothers and slay them before their evil plague can spread across all of Chantra. I look forward to seeing my fellow adventurers on the battlefields.

All those that take part shall be rewarded for their valiant efforts!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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