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The Public Test Server is Coming — 06/06/06

Before we launch the Auto Assault Public Test Server (PTS), we'd like to answer some questions about exactly what it is, how you will be able to participate in the PTS, and more about the specifics of what you can do and should expect. The server is not quite ready for players yet, but it's very, very close.

What is the purpose of the Auto Assault Public Test Server (PTS)?

The purpose of the PTS is to test game content before it goes to the live servers. Players on the PTS get the first shot at the new updates. We will get at least a week to hunt for bugs on the build before we promote it out to the live servers.

Will I have to make new characters or can we use existing ones from the live servers?

With the first update, due to the changes in mission structure, character point distribution, and other factors, players will all start with a clean database, meaning they will have to make all new characters. In the near future this process is likely to change.

What will be the PTS hours?

Once the build goes to PTS, it will remain there for a minimum of seven (7) days. Once the build on the PTS is pushed to live, the PTS shard will be brought down until the next update is ready for testing on the PTS. The server itself may go offline for periods of maintenance.

Will I need an active Auto Assault subscription to participate in the PTS?

Yes, as your login credentials will relate directly to your PlayNC account and your active Auto Assault subscription. Trial code users will have access to the PTS as well.

Will GMs be available for help in the PTS? What kind of support can I expect in the PTS?

GM support will be very limited and you play at your own risk. Players should not expect the same level of support provided on the live shards.

Will players from Europe be able to participate on the PTS?

Currently players from Europe will not be able to access the PTS.

How can I get into the PTS?

You will need to download and run a separate PTS installer that will create a separate version of the game. You can then connect to the PTS through a new shortcut created on your Desktop after installation is complete. We will release the location of the PTS installer when it becomes available. Do not uninstall the current version of the game.

Will the PTS install take the place of my normal Auto Assault installation?

No. The PTS version and the normal live version will remain independent of each other. If you just have the PTS version installed you will not be able to play on the live server. To participate in both the live server and the PTS, you must have both versions installed.

Additions to our Community Site Listings — 06/07/06

We've got a couple of new sites for you this week: we've added Auto Assault Auctions and (re-added) the Auto Assault Scrapyard to our Fansite Listing. The clan Road Rage has been added to our Clansite Listing. Welcome to the Central Wastelands!

You can get the links here.

June Spotlight: New Tricks & Trims — 06/07/06 Part 2

We have a new selection of Tricks & Trims screenshots for you in the second week of our June spotlight.

You can get them here.

Screenshot of the Week!

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