Boba Fett Was Never This Cheerful.

The folks at Bang! Howdy, although being fairly quiet since January, have been putting together a new mini-game, Bounties, for the intrepid deputy. Bounties sets your character against an outlaw in a series of games. If you win and bring the outlaw in, you earn rewards. Simple as that. Here a piece from the official site:

What are bounties, ya might be wonderin'. Well, bounties are a single player campaign mode where an intrepid Deputy (that's you) is pitted against an Outlaw (and sometimes their henchmen) in a series of games. Except that in bounty games the goal isn't always to come in first place. Games can define additional criteria like finishin' the game without losing more than five units or gunnin' down more than ten of the opponent's units in the process.

Yeehaw! Time to russle me up some outlaws!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016