If you've missed the Book of Lore entries, so far we've had Ruh Kaan, Ezmo and now Freya. I have to admit that every entry so far has been amazing, and long overdue. Head to the map here to take a look.

It is known in the wildlands below the ruined city of Faran Gol that, on the highest peak of the tallest mountain, among howling storms and dancing lightning bolts, the Thunder Tribe has dwelled since time immemorial.

To be a ruler of the Thunder Tribe, one must endure the Three Labors of Leviathan. It is on this day that a young girl, barely a woman, takes on this trial.

Her name is Freya. This is her tale.

Freya closed her eyes as the bitter incense burned her nostrils and filled her lungs. The cave she sat in was dank and cold. Freya had known this day would come. The day of the Labors. Freya was next in line to become queen of the Thunder Tribe.

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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018

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