Over on the Battlerite Twitter, there's a new post teasing the latest Hero. He has been delayed a little while, I suspect because Stunlock have had to adjust his kit to work in the Arena, and on Talon Island (Royale). 

What's interesting about the Tweet, if you follow its message, is that there's a bit of a treasure hunt going on, and as completed by nero_sable over on Reddit, the end result is the full reveal...(SPOILERS BELOW!)...

Step 1: Go to https://lore.battlerite.com/map and look in the area near Quna. You'll see a strange icon that reveals a code

Step 2: The code nqiragher.onggyrevgr can be decoded using the ROT13 method which basically replaces each letter with the 13th letter after it. Decoding gives you adventure.battlerite

Step 3: Go to https://adventure.battlerite.com for a secret minigame

Step 4: Beating level 6 of the game rewards you with a cute pixel art cutscene revealing the new champ, and then this video loophttps://cdn.battlerite.com/www3/images/static/adventure/dargons.mp4

Step 5: Try and beat the bonus levels and see if there's anything after level 10. I'm stuck on level 9 and it seems impossible

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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018

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