It's Battlerite's first official birthday this week (I think!) and with it, there's a new patch for both Arena, and Royale. Where both games are concerned, there's an anniversary event that allows players to buy Anniversary Chests, which contain skins from all event periods. For full notes, hit the links above, and enjoy the Rook buffs.

It’ll be a year since Battlerite was released as Free-to-Play on November 8th!

Between November 7th to November 14th we’re celebrating with the Anniversary Chest – a chest that contains all droppable Creepy, Frozen, Lunar, and Prehistoric items. It guarantees a non-duplicate Epic or Legendary drop from any of these events. All event items that can be dropped can be viewed in your collection, but cannot be purchased for Tokens or Gems.

In Battlerite you can obtain these chests by:

  • Purchasing them for 200 Gems per Chest
    • Purchase 5 Chests for 1,000 Gems and receive 1 bonus Chest for free
    • Purchase 20 Chest for 4,000 Gems and receive 7 bonus Chests for free
  • Completing Event Quests:
    • Win 20 Casual, League or Duel Rounds
    • Win a Casual or League Match as a Champion of each Champion type (Melee, Ranged, Support)
  • Logging in between November 8th 8:00 AM UTC to November 9th 8:00 UTC to get a free Anniversary Chest andan avatar

If you’re looking for the chance to get another Anniversary Chest, there’s also an Event Quest in Battlerite Royalethat will reward one too!

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Last Updated: Nov 06, 2018

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