Battlerite recently released Season 2, as well as a new Arena and Royale patch. Alongside this, some of the folks over on Reddit transcribed the recent Q&A. Based on it, I'm not entirely sure what direction they're taking Battlerite. Take a look below.

How SLS Functions

  • They claim they're OK financially. My guess is they have an outer source of income, but that's just pure speculation.

  • About 50 people work in the office.

  • There are interns.

  • Some of those 50 are in Research and Development. What are they working on is unknown (new game? new tools for B-rite?), but they do not take resources from the main team.

  • On top of that each member of the SLS team has "creative days", the work time designated to exploring any ideas and features he/she wants to play around with for potential implementation. Members often team up for these "pet projects". You may work on whatever you like, even if it's outside of your area of expertise. Not everything makes it to the game.

  • When making changes, they prefer 2-step iteration. They introduce a thing, they wait for feedback, they address it not in the next patch, but the one after it. More time, more analysis. Unless it's something game-breaking, ofc.


On Battlerite

  • There is a patch planned for this month. Might be delayed till next one if things happen. No info, just a screenshot of a shadow of a Zennyatta-like Varesh skin.

  • They're working on a community hub site/page/thing. News, latest FAQ and links to wiki/reddit/whatever are in the mock-up so far, more to come.

  • There is some minor sponsoring with content creators, but not with big streamers.

  • Overload is being looked into. They're looking to tone it down rather than remove.

  • They listen to feedback.

  • If you have rites suggestions, hit official discord, there is a specific channel for that.

  • Legendary post-game poses are being worked on with more animations/bling to them, but no emotes during endgame screen

  • Hotkey slots for 2 additional emotes will be coded in. Soontm

  • There is a comic/lore coming up, after that all the lore development is put on hold.

  • Some questions were unanswered b/c plethora of reasons, including legal and not having an answer. The questions will be saved until next Q&A.

  • Making community happy isn't easy as there are a lot of conflicting opinions.

  • No new art contest until the Corrupted Treant is finished. But they were positive about one.

  • Arena and Royale won't be combined.

  • Emote bundle was originally supposed to sell as separate emotes, priced higher each. SLS bundled those to reduce the summed price.

  • They were originally against implementing ability animation-altering cosmetics. Now they're looking into it. There will be an option to disable those if released.

  • Steam fp highlights are picked by Steam. If Volvo decide that a developer introduces something cool, they put it there.

  • Pregame draft to stay, will be shortened. Purpose: adjust draft to map/teamcomp.

  • No road map as it may lead to strict dates for things, and noone wants crunches. Plus it prevents team from switching tasks.

  • No updates on ingame tourneys.

  • No new info on BPL. They're willing to support tournament organizers, if anyone's willing.

  • No updates on console ports.

  • No plans for PotG system.

  • PvE/other game modes - no direct plans. Those are for "creative days" exploration.

  • SoloQ and arranged threes won't be merged as an arranged team will be in clear advantage against randoms. Until communication tools improved.

  • Queue games discussed, no specific plans. "Creative days".

  • Releasing new champs currently not a priority. SLS treated it as a retention tool, but it never payed off. No reason to invest additional time into that. "Creative days".

  • Champion level cap. The idea is to create some reward for leveling further. But if you create unique skins, their value may decrease interest in purchasing battlepass. Battlepass makes money, free skins do not.

  • 1 fps bug still there, hit Battlerite support section for ways to fix it.

  • No booth on Gamescom.

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Last Updated: May 02, 2019

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