I adore Battlerite and Stunlock Studios. I've invested well over 1,500 hours into it, provided tons of coverage, and told anyone who will listen that it's worth playing. Unfortunately, and over the past year, its userbase has continued to decline as Stunlock moved from one idea to the next. Combine this with its foray into Battle Royale, and some tough competition, and its userbase has hit rock bottom. Needless to say something had to give, and it turns out that Stunlock agreed. Season 3 is the last, and I suspect - unless there's a miracle - the game will close. The full blog post is here. In terms of good news, it sounds like the studio is fine and new projects are on the horizon. I'll detail my wider thoughts on what went wrong, shortly. 

Battlerite has been a project that has gone through a lot of evolution and change within the past four years of development. From its inception as the successor to Bloodline Champions, to an Early Access launch that blew expectations out of the water, to a Free to Play launch that shattered the previous concurrent player record. There have been new Champions, new events, new tournaments and leagues, and a lot of memories and friends made.

Throughout it all, Battlerite became a defining identity: not just for the studio, but also for the people who work here in office on it every day and for the people who play it online.

We love Battlerite. And we know that you do too. But today we’re announcing that we will be scaling back on development, and things will be changing moving forward.

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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2019

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