Things have been quiet for Battlerite for a couple of months as Stunlock take stock of where they are. It seems that SLS weren't quite happy with the status of Arena, and wanted to ensure that both Arena and Royale were tweaked and improved equally. With that in mind, significant changes have been made for Arena that should massively mix up the game and its meta. 

So what has changed? Well...

  • Arena now gets an armory where players can choose items that work in the same way as Royale.
  • Movement speed in Arena is being significantly increased to greater improve skill/mobility/duking.
  • A new mechanic called Overload is being implemented to boost players who have lost allies in the Arena. 
  • Maps will now have dynamic items such as exploding barrels and jump pads.

Where Royale is concerned, the last of the Arena roster are hitting Talon Island, while there's also going to be a Battle Pass and significant map changes. Full notes here.

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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019

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