IGG already known for it's unusual events is raising the bar with another. In what they are titling "You Decide the Discount" players are to look for a specific GM and challenge him to a duel. If they win, everyone will enjoy a hefty discount on a few items.

The Double Exp Envoy (GM007) is a grumpy guy. He doesn 't like players always bothering him and he's decided he's not going to take it anymore. Each week players will be able to fin him wandering around the game world and if they challenge him to a fight he will accept. If GM007 is defeated within the appointed time, all player's will enjoy a 30% discount on Angel's Kiss (1h), Angel's Kiss (3h) and Angel's Kiss (6h) for 3 days after the win.

Event Duration
The event will start at 3:00am EDT (GMT-4) on April 3rd and the discount will be valid for 4 days after GM007 is defeated.

Event Rules
1. The GM will announce GM007's location in the World Channel so that players can find him more quickly.

2. Pay attention! GM007 is near Level 60 and possesses high defense and attack abilities. All participating players must be careful.

3. If players can defeat GM007 within 30 minutes after his location is announced, all in-game players will enjoy a 30% discount on Angel's Kiss (1h, 3h, 6h) for the next 3 days.

4. If players can't defeat GM007 within the required 30 minutes, he will flee to another corner of the game world and players have to search for him again.

5. If players can't defeat GM007 after he's fled twice, then nobody gets a discount.

During the Double Exp event, players will enjoy 4x exp if they use Angel's Kiss.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016