Frogster has announced a new update for Bounty Bay Online with Raging Seas. The new update will feature a brand new group instance, The Naval Battle of Gravelines, which will test the naval warfare skills of a group against the Spanish Armada. Players will fight alongside the English Fleet as they take part in the new scenario based on actual historical events.

A special points-based system will play a decisive role in the outcome of the battle. Players can earn points by destroying enemy ships and lose them by allowing enemy ships to escape or failing to protect English vessels. The Raging Seas update is scheduled to launch later this month.

Source: Bounty Bay Online website

High Sea Adventure

Forthcoming Bounty Bay Online Update ‘Raging Seas’ to Include New Sea Instance

Something is brewing out on the English Channel. The upcoming expansion, ‘Raging Seas’, will add new content to Bounty Bay Online including a group instance, ‘The Naval Battle of Gravelines’, which will bring adventurers face-to-face with the Spanish Armada to fight on the side of the English fleet.

Players will experience exciting sea battles based on real historical events which began in July 1588 when a mighty Spanish fleet headed for England. With a large fleet and 30,000 men, the Spanish aimed to conquer the island nation to stem England’s growing influence in the world and to secure Spanish predominance. A fierce campaign ensued between the world’s two greatest naval titans of the time, and on the 30th of July 1588, the most decisive battle took place off the northern coast of France at Gravelines.

The Duke’s Ship is in Sight!

Players who enter the new instance will find themselves in the middle of the English Channel once again, amidst the fleet of Duke Medina-Sidonia. It is now up to you to track down the Spanish Armada and to sink their ships before they manage to cross the channel.

A special points-based system will play a decisive role in whether you leave battle victorious or are cast down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Destroying enemy ships will award you points, letting Spanish vessels escape unscathed or allowing English ships to be capsized will lose you points. And if you run out of points, the battle is lost. Each group member will be provided with a detailed report covering point gains and losses once the instance is completed.

For more information on the new instance and the forthcoming update ‘Raging Seas’, take a look at the official Bounty Bay Online website.  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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