Having already played plenty of Breach, I can honestly say it's already incredibly polished and filled with plenty of fantastic content. Despite that, its Early Access period promises to bring a great deal of changes, as well as improvements and even more stuff to do. In a latest blog post, QC Games have detailed what's on the horizon over the next 12 months, and if they pull it off, the game's set to be bloody brilliant.

  • Rebalancing classes and skills 
  • Traveling to Safehouse optimizations ;)
  • Objective timings and locations
  • Boss Battle mechanics
  • AI updates and changes
  • Tooltips and UI updates
  • New tutorials to teach core mechanics
  • Pre-match selection timing and order
  • Binding and options adjustments (more on the way - goodbye Motion Blur!)
  • Hundreds of bug fixes. Seriously, thank you. 

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019

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