Despite petitions, letter-writing campaigns, in-game rallies and the efforts of thousands of players, City of Heroes (CoH) is still scheduled to sunset this Friday. In a final last ditch effort to save their beloved game, a group of fans are reaching out to an unlikely hero to try and make a final effort to save Paragon City. Members of the Save CoH campaign have reached out to Disney Interactive in an effort to convince NCsoft to sell the game so that it can continue.

The fans dispatched a 31 page pitch to Disney yesterday drafted with the help of senior Paragon Studios members. The movement is once again calling on its members for a letter-writing campaign, this time targeting Disney in an effort to convince them to come to the table. Assuming they haven't tapped out their current expenses with that whole Star Wars deal.

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While the fans have been extremely passionate about saving the game, it’s going to be a tough challenge to convince Disney that they should invest in the aging CoH, and then convince NCsoft that they should sell it. To say that fans brokering a successful deal between two different companies and then not have any tech licensing issues or other problems get in the way is a long shot would be an understatement. But it would be one heck of a Hale Marry pass if it worked.

CoH is scheduled to shut down for the final time on Friday, November 30th, 2012.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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