Mechanist Games recently posted a new update on the City of Steam: Arkadia (CoS) revamp along with new compensation pack details. Players that supported the game by picking up a pack previously will be receiving new  forum avatars and support titles for the new CoS forums. Mechanist also touched on the compensation packs for returning players and the instability of the CoS R2 Games servers over the last week.

“We’ve been receiving a big chunk of emails in the past week; big thanks go to all returning players. However, we also noticed that for some reason the R2 Games CoS servers have become unstable and crashed twice in a week. Please log in and check relevant stats (capture an in-game screenshot) ASAP, we’ll try the best to respond and confirm as quick as possible.  For those who confirmed with us already, sit back and wait for your gift codes.

Website and forum are almost there; we still need some time to test and get issues fixed. Keep watching for more updates next week.”

Additionally, the update briefly touched on the revamp development and teased a few new screenshots. You can check them all out on the CoS website.

Source: City of Steam: Arkadia Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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