Need a little less instance in your gaming diet? City of Steam is adding a new open public zone with the Wilderness, allowing players to openly hunt together in a non-instanced environment like the zones of old.

The Wilderness will serve as a link between the Heartland and The Refuge to allow players to stop along the way and kill for some loot and XP. To make the zone a bit more fun, the devs are also including public events, a mechanic that may be familiar to players of games such as Warhammer Online, Guild Wars 2, and RIFT. The events will spawn random rare mobs and other things that players can complete to earn rewards.

“When settlers first came to Nexus, they assumed this area to be an Ironwaste -an area of the Mechanism that had its earthen layer scraped off exposing the granite like metallic landscape underneath. Later, this was found to be untrue, and the sands that cover the area are rust deposits that have drifted down from the Spire. However, the name Ironwaste remained, as travelers learned to be wary of the native necromantic energies that filled the area.”

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Source: City of Steam Dev Journal

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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