Mechanist Games launched its campaign to get their upcoming MMORPG, City of Steam, on Steam Greenlight back in December and this month the people have spoken. The Steam community cast enough votes to get City of Steam past the Greenlight process and Mechanist Games is now in talks with Valve to deliver the game to players on the Steam platform.

If you like stats, Mechanist Games also provided some numbers from the Greenlight campaign as well. Over the last 127 days, over 114,000 people visited the page with 87,648 actually casting votes. The vote breakdown is as follows: 56% (48,757) voted “Yes”, 43% (37,986) voted “No”, and 2% (905) selected to be asked again next time.

You can read more on the City of Steam website. Visit the Steam Greenlight page for more.

Source: City of Steam Greenlit

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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