Mechanist Games recently posted a new update for early supporters and former players of City of Steam (CoS). Following the transfer of game data to its data storage and servers, players will have the chance to return to the game under its new name, City of Steam: Arkadia. As previously announced, former players will be compensated and more details about that compensation have now been revealed.

Early supporters that chose to purchase one of the packs prior to the CoS closure will have their accounts recharged with the Electrum value of their packs.

Early Supporters

For all early supporters that funded and helped the development in the Mechanist operated Alpha and Closed Beta tests, we’ll recharge their original accounts total supporter pack Electrum’s worth on the new Mechanist servers.

  • Virtual currency will be refunded according to the “money’s worth + extra percent bonus” scheme that was used in Alpha and Beta (or better).
  • Additional physical supporter pack items have already been shipped long ago and won’t be re-shipped.
  • Additional virtual supporter pack items won’t be restored considering that some such items are no longer compatible with CoS: Arkadia. But, see the Welcome-back Rewards below for free stuff we are giving to returning players.
  • Outside game supporter pack benefits, such as forum avatars and supporter titles are currently under discussion. We are looking for a good solution and will announce the decision soon.

Additionally, former players that reached at least level 30 during CoS testing will also receive a one-time Welcome Back Pack if they choose to return. The pack contains an assortment of virtual items such as a 30-day Diplomatic Badge, vehicle parts, revamp kits, alloys, and more. Level 38 players can get a much bigger pack. You can read more about the packs and how to redeem them in the latest update.

Source: CoS: Arkadia Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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