Today, publisher and developer 2K Games announced that they are putting out a sequel to the original Civilization Revolution, which this time is being created exclusively for mobile devices. Starting July 2nd, owners of iOS devices will be able to play on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Android users will be able to get Civilization Revolution 2 sometime in the near future, but a date has not been given yet. It's unknown whether or not there are plans to port Civilization Revolution 2 to other mobile platforms, such as the Windows Phone. This is the first game in the Civilization franchize that was developed specifically for mobile devices. 

Fans of the Civilization franchize will also get to see some familiar, but new to Civilization Revolution:

Civilization fans will also recognize the 16 historical leaders found in the first game, including Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Napoleon, alongside leaders such as Churchill and Kennedy, who are making their appearance in the series for the first time.

And that's about all we know for Civ Revolution 2. Beyond the press release 2K Games set out, nothing else is really known. Both and do not have any updated information to say, "hey guys, we have something new that we're adding to the Civilization franchize," which is really odd. At least 2K's website links to a post on the Civ Facebook page. With this level of news, you'd expect the sites actually about Civilization to be about Civilization and it's kind of sad that all this news gets is a Facebook link on the 2K site. Hopefully moving forward, we'll get to see some more newsworthy mentions directly on the Civ sites.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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