Few things are as gratifying as jumping in a vehicle and mowing down a horde of unsuspecting flesh-eating zombies, and Class3 looks to deliver on that enjoyable pastime. A recent post to the Undead Labs website offers a brief overview of some of the vehicles that will be available, roughly ten base vehicles with at least one major variant and multiple colors.

The vehicles each handle differently and likewise produce different amounts of noise, which in some cases will draw the attention of zombies to your location. And that brings us back to my original point – mowing down zombies is fun. Just take Class3 Game Designer Richard Foge:

It is a thing that is fun.

We’re using physics to determine how hard you’ve hit the zombies based on your velocity and the angle of impact. Seriously, it’s way fun to watch and even more fun to do. If you hit the zeds when you’re moving fast enough, they die. There are glancing blows, impact damage calculations, and more. You can even open your vehicle’s door while you’re moving and clean a zombie’s clock.

Just don't get too cocky. If you don't finish off those zombies, Foge explaines that they can grab onto your vehicle and cause some major damage if you don't shake them, even pulling you out of the car in some cases.

If they cling long enough, they’ll start beating on the car, so shaking them off is in your best interests. In fact, as Gronk told me, “Zombies can even rip doors off if the doors get damaged enough, and then pull you out of the car. Lose the driver door, and your car turns from super weapon to mobile food cart for zombies.”

It’s not just that, either. Lose the doors, and the zombies might pull you out and throw you on the ground. While the car is still moving. Road rash is not fun, people.

Check out the full story on the Undead Labs website for more on the use of vehicles in Class3.

Source: Undead Labs website

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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