Star Trek Online will be adding a new Reputation system with the upcoming Season 7 update that will allow players to undertake new missions for the Romulan Task Force and Task Force Omega to build reputation and earn new items. Cryptic has posted new details about the system and the projects that players can take on to get in the good graces of their chosen faction.

Once players reach Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General they will unlock the ability to increase their reputation with specified factions through the Reputation System. The layout of the UI is similar to the Fleet System, but only usable by one player. Players will need to choose and complete projects that either earn Reputation XP for the system or unlock gear for the player. The inputs required to start a reputation project vary, but one key similarity is that they all require Marks specific to the reputation you’re working on. By playing select content that is themed to the reputation, players will earn a set of Marks that are key to progressing through a reputation type.

You can learn more about the system, missions and rewards in the latest developer blog.

Source: Star Trek Online Reputation System Overview

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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