Mythic has opened transfers from the Mordred and Camlann clusters for Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC). Starting today, some players have the chance to transfer their characters to Ywain clusters 1-10 with some hefty restrictions that also come with compensation.

The first round of transfers will be available to level 50 players, but the downside is that no physical items can transfer to the new server destination. Players will, however, retain their level, coin, Realm Rank, PvP stats and titles, Champion Levels, Master Levels, Bounty Points, tradeskills, and quest credit.

While items will not be transferred, players will be entitled to some compensation once they arrive on their new cluster to the tune of the following per the DAoC announcement:

  • Due to the fact that players may not transfer with items, any level 50 player transferring from Mordred/Camlann to Ywain will be entitled to the following:
    • 20 Platinum
    • 1 Villa Deed
    • 4 Housing Vaults
    • 10,000 Bounty Points
    • 2500 Dragon Scales
    • Choice of Epic Mount
  • Players may visit the Artifact Replacement NPCs in the Hall of Heroes in their realm in order to reclaim the Artifacts for which they have credit. These Artifacts will be replaced at level 0 and must be re-leveled.
  • Players may visit the Royal Treasury Clerk in their Capital City in order to obtain Personal Bind, House, and Guild Recall Stones.
  • Any level 50 Player may visit their King in order to obtain the recently implemented Epic Armor, Accessories, and Weapon.
  • Players will be able to have replaced certain items including (but certainly not limited to):
    • Champion Weapons
    • Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts
    • Dragonsworn Manual of Arms
    • Greater Cat’s Claw Pendant
    • Cloaks of Might and Magic
    • Si Necklaces
    • Crafting Tool Rewards
    • Third Generation Epic Armor (If already obtained on Mordred)
    • Dragonslayer Weapons

Read more about the transfer options and restrictions on the DAoC website.

Source: DAoC Mordred and Camlann Transfers Announcement, DAoC Transfers Open Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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