Trion Worlds today launched its 5th DLC for Defiance with Arktech Revolution. While the Syfy television tie-in doesn’t return until June, Trion has been rapidly adding new DLC over the last few months, making a hefty number of changes to the MMOG.

As part of the Arktech Revolution DLC launch, Trion also released a new game update that provides Defiance players with some additional content. This includes an increase to the EGO rating cap, additional enemy difficulty tiers, a damage type overhaul, and changes to EGO progression that will make a huge change to stats and items. The EGO and item changes will come in handy for another change that adds dynamic scaling to events, making the difficulty increase or decrease based on who is involved in the encounter.

Other free content includes new Expert co-op maps, changes to grenade, spike, and stim charges, the addition of new Armor Plates mitigation buffs, and various tweaks and balance changes to several ark hunter traits, so be sure to review your builds once you patch up today.

As for the Arktech Revolution DLC, it comes packed with its own healthy dose of new content. The first thing that you’ll get with the DLC purchase is one Chimera Arktech Kit, which includes 1,000 Arkforge, the “Arktech Revolutionary” title, and the Chimera Ark Hunter outfit. Additionally, the DLC provides access to new Chimera daily contracts that reward Caeruleum Cores for completing expert tier co-op maps. Caeruleum Cores can also be acquired by completing weekly Paradise contracts.

Caeruleum Cores can be at Chimera vendors, which are included with the DLC. These vendors offer a unique line of legendary weapons and mods, including the new Chimera synergy. All of those will probably be quite useful with the new content scaling, damages, and item changes.

The DLC also provides access to six new Pursuits, which offer unique titles and EGO rating increases that reward legendary items. So that’s probably worth doing.

Arktech Revolution owners will also gain access to the following 15 new perks if they join Chimera in the DLC:

  • Conflagration: Increases damage to health from your incendiary attacks.
  • Flash Point: Increases damage to shields from your incendiary attacks.
  • Heat Shield: Reduces incoming damage from incendiary attacks.
  • Corrosion: Increases damage to armor from your bio attacks.
  • Virulent: Increases armor penetration from your bio attacks.
  • Immunized: Reduces incoming damage from bio attacks.
  • Bloodsucker: Increases health and shield damage stolen from your siphon attacks.
  • Deadly Apparition: Increases damage from your siphon attacks.
  • Strong Soul: Reduces incoming damage from siphon attacks.
  • Live Wire: Increases damage to shields from your electric attacks.
  • Electrical Fire: Increases damage to health from your electric attacks.
  • Grounded: Reduces incoming damage from electric attacks.
  • Gamma Rays: Increases armor penetration from your radiation attacks.
  • Radiation Burns: Increases damage from your radiation attacks.
  • Lead Lined: Reduces incoming damage from radiation attacks.

The Defiance Arktech Revolution DLC is currently available for $9.99 on PC, Xbox 360, and to PlayStation 3 season pass holders in the US. Non-season pass holders can pick up the DLC on the PlayStation 3 on April 29th in the US and on April 30th in EU.

Source: Defiance Arktech Revolution Launch Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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