The fourth episode of the Defiance television show aired this week and thus far the crossover content with the game has been relatively mundane. Aside from Nolan and Irisa’s minor part in the first episode missions and the hellbugs making an appearance in episode 3, the crossover content in the game has been mostly relegated to a few additional Pursuits, reskinned hellbugs, and the recently announced “Most Wanted” contest. On a positive note, it looks like things are about to pick up.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with, Defiance show producer Kevin Murphy revealed a few details about what we can expect to see between Trion and Syfy’s joint show/MMOG project. Murphy revealed a few details about the first piece of Defiance DLC, which will include a new a crossover with the character of Rynn, who appeared briefly in the first episode and was featured prominently in the third episode featuring the hellbugs.

Murphy also confirmed that Trion is working on a new game area that will be visited in the show.

If you’ve missed arkfalls and ark hunters in the show, Murphy teased that this will be revisited in the eighth episode, which will also be part of the Rynn crossover to the game. As for when all this new content is coming, no date has been set as of yet, but given that the crossover event happens between the 5th and 8th episodes, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ll see at least some of it over the course of the next few weeks.

You can browse through the rest of Murphy's Q&A for a few more show details, but that's about all the good stuff.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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