Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson returns today with his Day 4 post-launch update for Defiance. With some issues addressed and many more in the works, Richardsson reflected on the game’s fourth day of live service and offered up some details about more issues that are currently being worked on along with some new information about upcoming DLC installments.

There are 5 Defiance DLCs scheduled to launch this year that will have both a paid and a free component. Richardsson teased that one of those items is a new playable race, which will be the third for Defiance. The upcoming story content that will tie into the Defiance television show, which will air its 2-hour premier episode on April 15th, will also be free to players.

But on to the issues! The fight to secure stabilization for the Xbox 360 is still underway and Richardsson notes that there have been a few good and not so good moments over the last day. A number of game server crashes have been fixed across all platforms, connectivity and patching issues are still in the works, and the painfully designed chat and VOIP systems are back on the list again.

As announced earlier this week, a massive client update is planned for April 15th but smaller updates will persist through then, especially on the Xbox 360 until connectivity issues are under control. A second patch is planned for two weeks after that after which we should see the first of Defiance’s DLC.

Source: Defiance Producer on Day 4

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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