“This blog is a serious blog”, the opening to Defiance Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson’s latest update read. It’s been a rough launch month for Defiance, and while Trion has ironed out some of their launch issues, many of the in-game Pursuits are currently broken, patcher and login issues continue to plague some players (though on a smaller scale), items are still vanishing for some, and now cheating has become a rather problematic issue in the game. A quick check through YouTube will reveal a variety of videos for cheats and hacks that can alter damage to insane numbers, auto-aim, and moving at mind-numbing speeds. Many of these kinds of issues plague most MMOGs, and like those other developers, Trion is also aware of the problem and working to address it.

In his latest message to the community, Richardsson provided a brief update on the work focus for future Defiance updates that will include improvements and fixes for several issues on all three of the game’s platforms. One of the more crushing issues, a memory corruption, has already been fixed, eliminating one of the more serious crashing and connection problems. But you can expect to see many more in the fixes in the next update as well as the deployment of patches 1.010 through 1.012 for the PlayStation 3 next week.

The Freight Yard Capture & Hold PvP map has been disabled since launch and Richardsson explained that work is still being done to address issues with the map. In the meantime, other maps are in the works.

As for the cheating on PC, Richardsson simply said the following:

“PC cheats and hacks. Yes we take them seriously. Very seriously. We have a team from many departments constantly working on this. From engineering, to customer support, security, networking, business intelligence and game design. I‘m happy to report that we‘re now banning far more people, whether they successfully do it or just attempt to.

Our tools, detections, reporting and pre-ventive mechanisms have improved considerably in the last two weeks after increased focus on them. Some have been deployed, more is being deployed today, more coming. I know that some players linger in there for a while before we ban them but sometimes we just allow them so we can watch them. We like to watch.”

You can read Richardsson’s full update for all the latest details.

Source: Defiance Producer Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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