Defiance has seen its share of problems following its April 2nd launch. Connection issues plagued the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a patcher problem caused headaches across all three platforms, and the PC chat system and console-friendly UI were enough to put a sane player in a straightjacket. All that aside, a huge patch scheduled for earlier deployment this week aimed to address a lot of the major bugs with the game, unfortunately, as is often the case with early post-launch patches, things didn’t go quite as planned. Some items that should have been fixed weren’t and the patch even managed to break a few other things, making it a good argument to always launch with a test server in place, something Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson even gives a nod to in his latest community update.

“Put simply, our enthusiasm got the best of us and we’re making up for it by fixing what we can, as fast as possible. Well, as fast as safely possible. We have a thread where we’re assembling known issues, some embarrassingly old, some new and sometimes more embarrassing. It’s not for lack of trying to fix them. Defiance is simply a pretty complex beast and what’s fixed internally turns out to still be broken externally (Mental note; bring back Alpha/Test).”

The message doesn’t contain much by way of new information and reads more like an apology and vow to make things better. Well, that and Richarrdson puts the thought of him twerking in your head.

“A day in Defiance is never simple. Some days are bigger than others but it doesn’t mean the small ones are any less interesting. Today will be known as the day I twerked in hell. It was almost perfect, save for the heat of the few issues that got through. The message is simple though, we’re here, all the time, making Defiance better.”

Source: Defiance Producer Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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