Final Fantasy fans have been waited patiently (or not so patiently) to see more details of the announced Final Fantasy XIV MMOG. snagged some great info from the recently release Famitsu Wave highlighting an eight minute DVD segment dedicated to the anticipated game.

Final Fantasy XIV revolves around character growth. There will be no experience points or leveling system this time around, and a new system will come in to play. Square Enix wants to deliver an experience where new players have the freedom to try out any quest and many different things, growing naturally from their experiences. A deep story will be in tact in Final Fantasy XIV, including cut-scenes, but they're going beyond that by also delivering a wider variety of stories and quests. They want players to enjoy the process of character growth.

Jobs were the lasting appeal of Final Fantasy XI. They want to utilize that concept, but stack more on top of it. The focus will be on weapons, determining how you play, grow, and fight. They'll be expanding upon the basic job system. He says this also explains the Final Fantasy XIV logo, which features weapons sticking out of the name.

You can read the full article at and also catch a translated video interview with Square Enix developers on FFXIV.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016