Suit Up in Dungeon Fighter Online

Nexon America introduces new Auction Hall and beach wear avatars to the land of Arad with Act II: The Great Emporium update

Players looking to escape the summer heat will enjoy new swimsuit avatar packages available in Dungeon Fighter Online. Whether it’s with a Priest sporting a speedo, a Slayer in board shorts, or a bikini-clad Female Gunner, players can keep cool in the white hot land of Arad. These summer avatars are available to players now through August 18, and each avatar comes with its own boosts and buffs.

While players work on their tans, they can also now trade weapons, armor, quest items and more for gold in Dungeon Fighter Online’s Auction Hall. Instead of hitting up friends or cruising the personal shops, the Auction Hall allows players to browse and bid on items posted by fellow players, making finding that hard-to-find item a lot easier; or, for a nominal fee of 10,000 gold, players can set up auctions themselves. The Auction Hall is built right into the game’s user interface so it’s always easy to access.

Players will also be rewarded for leveling-up in Dungeon Fighter Online this summer. Now, through September 18, players who create a brand new character can receive some sizzling prizes when they reach level 22, 32 and 42.

For more information on the Auction Hall and new summer avatars go to Dungeon Fighters are currently uniting at Facebook, and players can see more of the action on YouTube.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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