In something that is making City of Heroes fans jealous, Dungeon Fighter Online is returning and you can play it now actually. For those that don't remember, DFO is kind of a side scrolling MMO beat'em'up kind of thing. It's... different, for sure, and kind of old at this point, but it does return. Which is yay!

If you like arcade fighters, then I would for sure give DFO a look. It has a rather large following and forums are already filling up with returning players. The open beta tests have some interesting benefits, like characters move event to event, and you get some neat bonuses. It's a pretty neat game.

dfo online

Anyway, if MMO arcade fighter is your cup of tea, you can finally return to one of the greats, as DFO is online right now. If you were an alpha tester, be sure to use your facebook login to get your character information and all that.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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