Like the ships of EVE Online, CCP wants to make the weapons of DUST 514 fit into the universe in much the same way. A new dev blog details how they plan to make this happen with both futuristic style weaponry and weapons styled after the race that uses them.

In the same way that the ships in EVE have distinct racial designs and specialties, the weapons of DUST 514 had to encapsulate the values and technology of the race that created them. The ruthless efficiency of the Caldari, the progressive aesthetics of the Gallente, the resilience and resourcefulness of the Minmatar as well as the proud arrogance of the Amarr Empire.

If you’re curious to see a little of the weaponry that each race has to offer, check out the latest DUST 514 blog for a peek.

Source: Infantry Weapons in DUST 514

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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