CCP has opened up a little more to talk about the evolving battlefields of DUST 514 in a new developer blog. One of the key elements to making PS3-based DUST 514 successful is its interaction with the PC-based EVE Online, and CCP has served up more details on how that will happen, and how the two games will interact to dynamically shape the battlefields.

When players deploy to fight for control of these districts they will notice that only one thing is static… the landscape. The hills, valleys, rivers and coasts of a district are unchanging from one deployment to the next. However, the placement of and the types of surface structures available will vary based on decisions made about what is needed for that district on a corporate level.

The blog also touches on how players can inspire change from a more personal level, the shooter perspective. Commanders in the field will be responsible for group and asset deployment, which can play a huge part in achieving victory.

At the more personal level of the soldier on the ground, a key gameplay feature requires that the battlefield be reconnoitered during each new deployment. This is because the initial deployment positions for each mission will vary for each team based on the decisions by their commanders. Therefore, knowing exactly where the enemy is located and coming from will become top priority. Each team’s commander will also be responsible for the deployment of their team’s support systems. These commander deployed installations can consist of any number of component types that are deployed to suit the needs of the team in positions to maximize their effects.

Read the full DUST 514 dev blog for more.

Source: DUST 514 website

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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