You can also read it in French! Actually... no, you probably can't...

The guys over at IncGamers have a new Earthrise interview up, so go check it out.

It is the first time we hear of an MMO coming from your country. Is the Bulgarian government trying to develop the game industry or are you by yourself to build up your business?

That is correct – 'Earthrise' is the first MMO to come from Bulgarian developers. Many experts say that the MMO industry is still in its infancy stages and there is a lot of room for development. I will not be surprised if more and more MMOs start to come out from more “exotic” locations. It is the independent and original ideas that will drive the online gaming industry forward. Although 'Earthrise' is the first MMO title, coming from this region, it will not be the last. We are currently making plans for our second game, which will start to be developed by the time 'Earthrise' launches.

Read the whole interview at IncGamers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016