Kill to your heart's content.

Massively reports on a recent community question session from the Earthrise developers, in which someone wonders how the PvP will work. The answer is that yes, you can kill anyone, even those of your own faction.

Three new questions were asked by the Earthrise community for the devs at Masthead Studios to answer. While all three give us a bit more insight into the game, the biggest question had to do with PvP. Specifically, will players actually be able to attack people in their own faction.

The short answer is: Yes. Because Earthrise's setting is a dynamic and "edgy" place the devs didn't want players to have to play by their rules. While players will be able to attack and even kill members of their own faction, it doesn't mean the act won't go without consequences. Something that appears to be missing in today's reality.

Read all about it at the Earthrise forums. Do you think open PvP has a place in today's games?

[Via Massively]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016