Recently, Bethesda was at QuakeCon showing off the game. If you need a brief moment of adorable, head over to this Reddit post to read about how Community Manager Jessica Folsom overheard four college-aged friends talking about how the game looked good, but the price was steep. She made their day by giving them all copies of the game! Whatever your opinion is for ESO, seeing things like this always put a :3 on my face. I love seeing community engagement that can give the warm n' fuzzies to everyone.

Anyway, back to news for the game. Today, ZeniMax released Patch 1.2.6 and the community is reacting positively to it. Lately, seeing various communities react positively to changes noted in patch notes makes me feel like I accidentally slipped into bizarro land (don't worry, Star Citizen's subreddit is full of rage if you need your daily fill of face slaps). My favorite part is a guy asking if an achievement was retroactive or if he had to go do it over. His follow up reply? He said he didn't mind doing it again and would check when he got home from work. I'm wondering if communities have changed their expectations. Or maybe we're really in bizarro land.

Other well-received changes include a Looking for Group tool for those above Veteran Rank 10, which will allow them to queue for Tier 1 Veteran Dungeons. Anyone who bought ESO through Steam (or other places, but I assume this is mostly a Steam issue) without realizing it's an MMO with a subscription requirement will now be told where they can get a subscription. Overall, a lot of issues and bugs were fixed and a couple of features were implemented that caused no outrage.

In other ESO news, one of my most favorite community members for any game, Dulfy, updated her website with upcoming changes for ESO that were announced at QuakeCon. Dulfy makes me envious of what a positive, productive community member can do, and I love seeing her work. She's been thanked by several games for what she's done for the community. You might have run into an NPC named after her in Guild Wars 2!

Dulfy's QuakeCon recap is huge and has tons of information, often with videos directly from all of the panels. One thing that I found neat was that ESO is already getting an update, as far as character models are concerned. Facial expressions are getting updated, which should be a nice bonus for all of you roleplayers out there. I'm more of a give me cool animations I can appreciate from third person kind of gal, but facial expressions in games are quite the rage these days. Glad to see ZOS isn't letting this one fall flat.

Elder Scrolls Online is also getting a new PvP zone called Imperial City, which besides just being super pretty, will have repeatable PvE quests, a contested area players can fight for ownership of, distinct districts within the city, specific craftable gear to go with the area, and the best part, you enter by crawling through sewers.

Rich Lambert went over content updates, which include grouping initiatives and a new Veteran Dungeon called City of Ash. Dungeon scaling will be added into the game, which makes dungeons increase or decrease in level accordingly (say, you're all level 40 going into a level 15 dungeon, it'll scale up to meet your party's needs), and solo instance difficulty will be scalable as well. OK, I lied about the facial expressions part. This is the neatest thing. I loved it in EverQuest II, and I think it's a super smart way to make content usable by all levels. Personally, I think more games should do this, especially older ones who have content sitting around unused. Then again, I also think mentoring should be in more games!

Other updates include Paul Sage going over player feedback regarding the Veteran System and how ZeniMax plans to address issues with the system, Nicke Konkle gives a rundown of the Spellcrafting system, and Jared Carr discusses combat responsiveness. We get to see a ton of updates for new armor and a first look at Murkmire, a new adventure zone that will introduce the Naga race as NPCs.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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