For the EverQuest Next Workshop show this week, the team moved on to the next upcoming focus for the coming weeks.

Ancient Elves

Elves were selected and will be featured over a series of workshop focuses, with this one centering on the "ancient" Elves of Takish Hiz. The team debuted some never before seen concept art, as usual - including a stunning scene of Takish Hiz style architecture. There were several peices shared with the community that is helping actually build and bring these architecture styles to life in the game's cutting-edge voxel world-engine. If you don't have time to check out the full hour-long replay on Twitch, I've inserted a snapshot of the Takish Hiz concept scene below.

Modern Elves

Additionally the team also showed off the concept art for the "modern" elves - which have changed fairly dramatically from their original Takish Hiz roots of old. The game's Art Lead Rosie Rappaport offered insight into some of the games "chunky" and cartoonish feeling art style by indicating that the decisions were largely to help the character models fit with the "chunky" nature of the voxel environment they will be residing within. It makes sense.

Sinister Goblins

As an added bonus during the stream, the team also revealed their brainstorming process when it comes to accepting a look and feel for a particular race through many renditions and revisions of character concept art. They revealed for the first time ever the game's final planned look (thus far) for goblins - which are supposed to be much more sinister and vicious than the dull and goofy goblins some games implement purely as comic relief.

Below is that final shot of the concept art - but there are lots of different pictures and artwork they show off in the show as they explain to the audience how they work through their process. Again, the stream is definitely worth the watch. In the event you don't have time to sit through the full hour, you can also go check out the game's official facebook page, where they've recently posted all the revealed concept art that has been created specifically for the Workshop show.

[That's it for the sneak previews here, be sure to check out the links above for more images, information, and other neat reveals happening lately with EverQuest Next. To see what glimpses of new props, world elements, and voxel-tech that will be a part of EverQuest Next, be sure to check out the Landmark Live episode today at 11AM Pacific!]

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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