For those of you following Daybreak Games Company and the continued development of the company's oldest and greatest franchise: EverQuest - a new update is in as the developers recently closed the Takish Workshop.

The EverQuest Next Workshop Show on Twitch just recently unveiled the latest race that will be the focus of the highly successful Landmark Workshop where players will collaborate (and even compete) to bring developer and artists concepts to life in the voxel-based world of the game.

I've long been impressed with how well the Workshop has gone, given all the game and studio's recent turbulence. Not to mention the troubling state of Landmark as it seems to remain forever in limbo between being a stand-alone title and a test-bed for EverQuest Next. I still believe we're a long way off from knowing if Landmark will ever reach its potential...

One thing is for certain though, it's at least serving its original purpose of providing a player-developer collaboration of our next version of Norrath. If you still somehow have not seen the crazy and elaborate builds players have submitted thus far, you definitely need to go YouTube videos on the Dark Elf, Kerran, Ogre, and Takish competitions. The work is mind-blowing, considering the fact that all of those creations are 100% editable and destructible.

Here is a sample piece of concept art the team unveiled during yesterday's show that players will try to replicate inside Landmark's voxelized world. Enjoy! Also  you can go check out more information on this new workshop announcement at the game's official forums where there is even more concept art and additional details.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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