Fallen Earth's latest update, 1.6.2, has been deployed and brings improvements to combat and animations for the post-apocalyptic MMOG. First and third-person animations have been enhanced for dual wielding and combat melee reactions. Check out the full list of patch notes for more.

In addition to the update, the "State of the Game" has been released for August. The latest update details plans for the future of Fallen Earth, which the recently launched Update 1.6.2 is part of several planned combat and faction improvements. Plans are in the works to make combat a faster and more exciting experience. But What really caught our attention are the upcoming Progress Towns, which will allow players to carry out quests for their faction in areas that they are trying to build a town from the ground up, while the remnants of Alec Master's forces are trying to tear them down.

Within certain areas, factions are attempting to build new towns…while the remnants of Alec Master's forces are trying to tear them down. In Progress Towns, players can run all new missions in an effort to build a town, from the ground up, for their Faction. While special defenses may be crafted to help protect and defend your newly formed faction town, beware, it won’t be an easy task to maintain control.

The devs have a few more things in the works as well such as camp improvements, more color customization options, faction control points, and mobile apps. Check out the full "State of the Game" for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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