One thing that players have expressed concerns about in Fallen Earth is a lack of use for support roles. Some groups tend to lack diversity and that can be one of the balance issues with skill-based games. So to help address some of the concerns with combat and add a little more diversity to build option, the devs have a few changes in the works, which Croall touches on extensively in the blog.

We kept seeing the same concerns come up – no use for support characters, requests for damage-focused build options, and other well recognized build types, no variety in groups, not required or viable tactics. These were all very valid complaints and ones we needed to address while still keeping it possible for players who wanted to solo to be able to complete a large part of the game's content.

What started off as a simple examination of skills breaks down into a rather lengthy post on each skill line and when each will become available. Check out the full blog for the entire breakdown.

Source: Fallen Earth Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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