Fallen Earth devs reveal Thanksgiving event details and faction changes for the upcoming Territory Control feature. With the next major update to the post-apocalyptic MMOG, players will need to choose a “main” faction to take part in the new Territory Control or Conflict Towns.

The decision will affect what titles players have access to and which faction channel you have access to. Shoulder factions, so fighting for one may lose you faction for another. This will open up the possibility for some unusual alliances and will also address some bugs with players that have maxed two factions.

We are also removing shoulder factions. If you do a mission that gives you Enforcer faction, you will only lose CHOTA faction. If you kill a Tech, you will only gain Vista faction. This will open up more content to players who have maxed two factions instead of having all three. This prevents players from being punished for running missions for both shoulder factions, and it will open up the possibility for players to have unusual alliances. If you want to max Tech, CHOTA, and Lightbearer, you will be able to do so. But as far as PvP is concerned, you are only one of those three factions. This will also fix some bugs where players who have maxed two factions are sometimes treated as one faction and sometimes treated as the other faction.

Additionally, starting this week, Fallen Earth will kick off its Thanksgiving event with questors in Embry, Needle Eye, Sunshine Corners, Trader's Flat and Los Alamos that will offer new missions, achievements and trinkets.

The changes are currently available on the Fallen Earth PTS server for those that would like to test the waters before the changes go live.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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