The Fallen Earth developers have been a little quiet lately, but the recently posted July "State of the Game" breaks that silence and details plans for expanding the game and its PvP capabilities. The developers are adding in some new cosmetic options with a color customization options that will begin with vehicles, allowing players to craft colors to customize their vehicles appearance.

There are a number of other changes on the books as well. Developers are using the camp system as a gateway to implementing player housing. However, this is likely still a ways off as the devs want to make sure housing meets expectations before implementing the system. Additionally, more live events, a revamped 1-12 leveling curve, PvP flagging, and Minor Respecing are on the way.

A long-requested option from all of you is the ability to have a Minor Respec. This is another feature we've been working on, which will allow you to gain AP back and reallocate them as desired. Initially, Minor Respec injectors will be found on merchants. In a future patch we will add the ability for crafters to be able to make an improved version of Minor Respec Injector. They are priced by level bracket, so fixing a mistake early is less costly than changing a character's entire focus later on. Each Minor Respec injector will give you Minor Respec Points when used, which reallocate AP at a one to one ratio.

Check out the full post on the official Fallen Earth forums for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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