Fallen Earth launched its 1.9.2 update this week, also known as the "Fast Travel" patch and Producer Marie Croall has posted a new "State of the Game" to give players a glimpse into the game's future. With a good portion of the G1 transition of the game to free-to-play complete, Croall served up a list of features planned for future updates.

One of the things that really stick out from a player's perspective is the inclusion of new dynamic World Events, which will be added to the game sometime in the future. Perhaps taking a cue from the success of RIFT in this area, Fallen Earth will be adding several new dynamic World Events to the game to bring players together to accomplish the goal. Some examples of the new events given were raiders attacking a town, clearing hostile creatures to scavenge resources and more.

But there's more content in the pipeline as well. September marks the two-year anniversary of Fallen Earth and aside from some inevitable shenanigans on the part of the devs, there will also be a new content update that will adjust the rarity of components and changes to how some are obtained. And October will bring another huge update with new Territory PvP and quite a bit more. Be sure to read the latest "State of the Game" for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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