Fallen Earth’s new Farming feature will soon be heading to PTS for players to put through its paces. Farming will allow players to plant and grow their choice of plants or animals. Additional items will be available to speed up the growing process. As part of the Farming update, players will also find new Dusty Lockboxes that can contain vanity clothes inspired by western movies and steampunk styles.

The team is currently working on some new world events and rewards for the holidays and following the New Year holiday, players can expect to see the effects revamp and further changes to the Coresuit on PTS in January.

We’ll be kicking things off by completing the effects revamp and the next stage of the Coresuit. We’ve put some very rough drafts of the effects changes on PTS and gotten a lot of amazing feedback. We’re going to look at those numbers and what we want the Coresuit to do and make sure they are working together the way we intend. There will be more iterations of these effects changes and the Coresuits on the PTS starting in January. This is something we really want everyone’s feedback on, so please keep an eye out for PTS announcements!

Additionally, an included Q&A also touches on the effects revamp, mounts and player housing.

Source: Fallen Earth State of the Game

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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