One fan set out to petition for a revitalization of the one promising but now cancelled MMOG, Tabula Rasa. The brain child of Richard Garriott was cancelled back in 2009 The petition is off to a bit of a slow start (likely due to nobody knowing about it), but it has since gained at least one Twitter nod from the man behind the game himself, Richard Garriott.

Suffice to say, the return of Tabula Rasa would delight some fans, but petitions have never been too successful an avenue when dealing with publishers. There is a huge graveyard filled with broken hearts and destroyed dreams of fans that have tried in the past. And while Garriott is the visionary behind some extraordinary games such as the Ultima series and Tabula Rasa, his parting with the IP holder, NCsoft, was not exactly what you might call, amicable.

In any case, it doesn’t hurt to try. If you’re a fan of Tabula Rasa and would like to try and help petition for its return, head over to the petition page and add your name to the list. Miracles certainly can happen. If you look back at our "Cancellled MMOGs: Games We'll Miss Most" article from 2009, you may notice that 2 of the then 4 cancelled titles listed at that time have since returned to service with APB under the control of GamersFirst and Asheron's Call 2 resurrected by Turbine, leaving Tabula Rasa and Auto Assault the only two still on the disabled list.

Could Tabula Rasa actually make a comeback? Stranger things have certainly happened. Tell us what you think below.


Source: Tabula Rasa Petition

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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