Surging ahead from last place, San d'Oria takes the day!

The Crystal War is officially over for Final Fantasy XI players and the results are in. In a surprising move, the continent of San d'Oria swept back and overcame both of the others for first place in the pan-world standings (San d'Oria was dead last on every server but one at the halfway point).

The winner of the Crystal War Revisited event is...(drum roll)... San d'Oria, kupooo!
Congratulations on staking your claim as the most powerful of nations among Altana's Allied Forces! The citizenry can expect a reward fitting of their supreme standing from us Moogles, kupo!
And not to have their efforts go unnoticed, we've also prepared a little something special for all those individual adventurers who had outshining performances, kupo!

Want to see the official results for yourself? Read 'em and weep at the FFXI website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016