Keep fighting the good fight, guys.

PlayOnline proves that they're tirelessly battling the tide of those abusing the games you love through farming and RMT with a special task force report on what they've been up to lately. It's got a number of interesting graphs related to gil farming and their efforts to curb those activities, so if you like seeing numbers, definitely check it out.

Compared to the time when the Special Task Force was first established, the content used in our investigations has become more varied and complicated, and even the log inspections themselves have become considerably more difficult. We are, of course, not reading this immense amount of data line by line, but are instead using our own software tools to improve the results of our work and are performing double-checks with multiple staff members, as well as enlisting the help of account admins in verifying illegal activity. Because of this, we are able to ban over 1,000 accounts violating the user agreement each week.

Read the full report at the PlayOnline website and then come tell us what you think about it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016