While Square Enix’s troubled Final Fantasy XIV project continues to work through its newly revamped beta towards a relaunch with A Realm Reborn, players of the less-troubled Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) have some fresh new content to carve through this week as the fifth expansion for the MMORPG, Seekers of Adoulin, has officially gone live for both the PC and Xbox 360.

FFXI: Seekers of Adoulin brings new storyline quests that will send players across the new Ulbuka Continent and the Sacred City of Adoulin. Along with new areas and story, the expansion also adds new gameplay systems such as player-built outposts, special power slots hidden across the environments that can offer powerful character enhancements, new contract work, and a host of new monsters.

Manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara has also lent his artistic talents to the design team to help create new armor and weapons for the two new jobs that accompany the expansion: Geomancer and Rune Fencer.

The geomancer is capable of harnessing the power of the elemental energies of Vana’diel to aid their allies by taking on some of the same support roles often filled by bards and corsairs. While they may not pack as much of a punch as black mages in the offensive firepower department, they can use elemental magic with ease and offer strong support to a group with a number of spells capable of buffing allies and debuffing enemies.

The Rune Fencer is a versatile duelist skilled in the use of the blade and incantations to help influence the flow of battle both offensively and defensively. Through the use of runes and wards, a rune fencer can enhance the defense of allies against certain elemental attacks using the eight varieties of runes at their disposal. A rune fencer can have three runes active at any given time and harboring a particular rune will add to its elemental affiliation.

FFXI: Seekers of Adoulin is now available on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms at the price of $29.99. New players can also opt to buy the new FFXI Ultimate Collection Seeker Edition for $39.99 to get the base game along with all previous add-ons and expansions.

Check out the new trailer below and visit the FFXI: Seekers of Adoulin page to learn more about the latest expansion.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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