Firefall, a sci-fi themed MMOFPS by Red Five Studios, is celebrating the end of October with a two-week long live-event that begins today (October 21st) at 5PM Pacific and runs through Tuesday November 3rd at the same time.

Unique Encounters

Two unique encounters will spawn randomly throughout the world that will award players with "Candy Tokens" that they can spend in the many game's vending machines to purchase themed awards for this event. Here are a couple of quick hints for how to find each of the two encounters:

Headless Horseman Keep-Away

  • Keep an eye on your map for sightings of this dastardly beast. Once spotted, down him, steal his head, stay alive, and work with your friends to be rewarded.

Scared Civillians

  • Find the civilians that are running for their lives and shouting for help. Be a hero by destroying the apparitions that are terrorizing them and Astrek will reward you for your help.

Daily Mission Rewards

For completing either/both of the above daily missions there are also some unique rewards that can be redeamed. Below is a list of the special themed items that can be bought from unique ventors in Copacabana, Dredge, and Kanaloa Research Station:

  • “Melded Pumpkin” Decal
  • Spectral Warpaint
  • Pinhead Mask
  • “Ghostly Rider” Mask
  • “Headless Horseman” Pet
  • Pumpkin Candy – Consumable that applies one of several spooky effects to your character until you move.

Trickster Perk

Finally, if you manage to complete the daily missions at least 9 of the possible 14 days, you'll unlock the following unique perk (as well as a bonus 1000 Credits in your bank):

"When you take damage while below 50% of your maximum health, you vanish in a cloud of bats, becoming invisible for five seconds. (Stealth effects end if you attack.) This effect cannot occur more often than once every 120 seconds. (Costs 2 Perk Points)"

For additional details or information about the event, be sure to check out the official announcement on the game's website.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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